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New hydraulic press for industrial stamping

Hydraulic press for industrial stamping

We present our latest innovation in the field of industrial molding: the new MQM Hydraulic Press with four fixed uprights, prismatic guides and photoelectric barriers. This cutting-edge hydraulic press offers exceptional performance and uncompromising safety.

Maximum Stability and Precision:
The four fixed uprights guarantee incomparable stability during the molding process, ensuring precise and consistent results. The prismatic guides allow a fluid and uniform movement, eliminating any friction and guaranteeing impeccable workmanship.

Integrated Security:
Our electro-hydraulic press is equipped with photoelectric barriers, an advanced safety system that detects the presence of objects or people, immediately interrupting the operation to protect operators and prevent accidents.

Versatility and Efficiency:
The versatility of this press makes it ideal for different molding applications, both for small productions and for large-scale jobs.

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