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Hydraulic presses


Hydraulic presses

SICMI: manufacturers of hydraulic presses
Over the many years of experience in the field, SICMI has come to create a catalog of 20 standard models of hydraulic presses.

The hydraulic presses are divided according to the type of sheet metal processing. The main fields of application are molding (slow and fast), straightening, bending and more generic processes typical of a mechanical workshop. All our electro-hydraulic presses can be customized on the basis of specific customer needs and we can create completely new models to meet any need.


Our applications

Among the main solutions developed in recent years, we deem it appropriate to highlight the following applications:

PSL model: new model made that brings together three processes: stamping, bending and straightening. With an innovative system of quick mold change which considerably shortens the setup times of the press. very versatile and complete press.

PDL model: hydraulic presses for bending, developed in order to obtain a greater accuracy and ease of use compared to the equivalent models offered by the competition. This was possible by paying particular attention to the construction of the monolithic frame, the registration holes and the sheet metal supports;

PBM model: hydraulic presses with mobile bed with manual movement, born from the need to work large pieces, facilitating the loading and unloading operations;

MST and MCL models: sheet metal stamping presses with good production speed. EC certified presses from annex IV and with the highest quality in the components.

PSQ model: low-speed 4-column hydraulic presses for mold testing and medium-sized production cycles.

PRT model: press to straighten mechanical or round pipes of different lengths. Mobile hand trolleys, hydraulic hose lifter and rotation system to easily find the point to straighten. The moving mast and load carriers do the final straightening work.

PMM model: press to straighten sheet metal. The most widespread and the most famous of the Sicmi production.
Different solutions proposed through the creation of special presses, which allow personalized solutions for the extraction of drive shafts. From the horizontal press to the press with front splits: all solutions aimed at satisfying the specific needs that various customers have submitted to us during the design phase.
Other types of applications are available on the individual pages referring to presses for special processes.

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