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Hydraulic press for sheet metal deformation

Our workshop has completed the production of a new hydraulic press for sheet metal deformation.

This is a double column hydraulic press, PST model, which develops a power of 150 tons.

Upon customer request, the machine was supplied with an 11 kW hydraulic power unit, which reaches a cylinder descent speed of 37 mm/sec and a working speed of 5 mm/sec.

The upper table slides on 4 guides, which allow a homogeneous and linear descent of the table and therefore allow optimal molding of the material to be pressed.
The lower platform is equipped with T-slots for fixing the molds.

This hydraulic press for sheet metal deformation is equipped with an air/oil heat exchanger, which prevents the hydraulic power unit from overheating.

The cylinder stroke is adjusted using microswitches, which make it possible to set the maximum ascent point and the minimum descent point of the main cylinder.

The hydraulic press is operated using double buttons and involves the automatic lifting of the cylinder at the end of each pressing cycle.

The machine is also equipped with a fixed protection net at the rear.

The color of the press is RAL 1013, as requested by the customer.

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