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Hydraulic press for deep drawing

A new hydraulic deep drawing press is ready to be shipped and reach its final destination.

This C-frame press develops a power of 200 tonnes and has a lower table of 1000mm x 600mm and a movable upper table of 870mm x 500mm.
The approach speed is 21 mm/sec and a working speed of 3 mm/sec.

This hydraulic press for deep drawing is equipped with a Siemens digital screen, which allows you to set all the working parameters of the machine, such as the setting of the cylinder stroke, the maximum pressure maintenance time, the piece counter, the maximum working pressure and many others.

The hydraulic control unit is installed at the back of the press and this allows the space inside the mechanical workshop to be optimised.

The electro-hydraulic press works through the simultaneous use of double buttons, as required by current safety regulations.
Furthermore, the work area is protected laterally by fixed metal grilles.

The press was painted with the colors requested by the customer, i.e. white in the frame, orange for the upper mobile table and black in the part where the hydraulic control unit is positioned.

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