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About Us


About us

SICMI: manufacturers of hydraulic presses
The strength of experience, the rigor of the method, the energy of the vision: the rules of our know-how to build truly superior hydraulic presses.

Reliability, solidity, vision: for over four decades, SICMI's approach has been based on satisfying the specific needs of the client, but with an eye always projected towards innovation and continuous improvement of results.

Backed by a solid industrial group with over one hundred employees, the great tradition of SICMI is accompanied by consolidated experience in the design and production of presses with the constant aim of evolving technologically, without ever renouncing that artisanal approach which allows the most wide range of choice and customization, accommodating customer requests with maximum flexibility.

“At the basis of our success is rigorous attention to single detail, because exceptional results can only be achieved by taking care of every smallest aspect of the production cycle. It is on this work philosophy that SICMI has based its success... "

Christian Lombardi

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