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after sales service

A professional service at 360°
Our priority is to ensure the proper functioning of our hydraulic presses and minimize downtime.
For this reason, we provide highly qualified personnel dedicated exclusively to technical assistance.

installation and technical assistance

We have a team of qualified technicians dedicated to the assembly and commissioning of the most complex hydraulic presses. Our specialized technicians are also ready to handle any assistance intervention at the customer's site in the shortest possible time, thus reducing machine downtime.

Spare parts supply

Based on our experience and knowledge of our hydraulic presses, we can supply recommended spare parts kits for each press model. These sets of spare parts allow the customer to eliminate procurement times and to be able to repair the hydraulic press quickly. In addition, we always keep a large stock of original spare parts in stock to ensure quick deliveries to customers.

Training and

At our headquarters or directly at your company, we organize training courses that can be customized according to your needs and the qualifications of the participants. The courses, held by our specialized technicians, provide all the skills necessary for the optimal use of electro-hydraulic presses and to achieve the set objectives.

Preventive maintenance

We are aware of the importance of preventive maintenance for the correct functioning of hydraulic presses and to reduce the risk of sudden failures which could cause interruptions in production. We offer our customers scheduled maintenance plans, adapted to the specific needs of each hydraulic press. In this way, you can count on regular and planned maintenance to maximize the efficiency and life of your electro-hydraulic presses

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